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From what it says on Fixmystreet, the programming team has been able to get most of the geographical and other information from the relevant parties.

Should we start a site where all the government's open responses that contain such information are posted ?

opengovernment.org ??

Tom Steinberg

Hi Alex,

I'm not quite sure what you're asking for here. FixMyStreet gets data that other non-profits can't have because it was built using government funding. This means it gets covered by the Pan Government Agreement between the Ordnance Survey and the sponsoring ministry.

The need for more information is not for people in mySociety's lucky position, it is for the keen people without government contacts.



Kathryn Corrick

Congrats Tom!
Acceptance could mean lots in practice, but the announcement from the government is quite a step forward from anyone's point of view.


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